Niall Laird — Artist and Designer.

For the love of the game

I think there are a lot of graphic designers that would prefer to be painting but it is all about what puts bread on the table.

Working in the design industry although creative can sometimes mean that the amount of creative time can be as little as 10% a day with all the fire fighting, dealing with clients and suppliers etc.

When you paint it is just you and the canvas, it is 100% creative. I am thankful that my love for the GAA has allowed me to get the brushes back in my hand again and start painting.

I have to give an enormous thanks to my family, my Dad for his talent as an artist and I know he never got the chances I have, my Mum for that looks in her eyes when she looked at my work as a child. I knew she was wondering how I did it!

I look at my own children's work and I am amazed what they can do, isn't every parent? Art is a wonderful gift, I know I would regret not painting, to me this work is only the start, my good friend and artist Colin Davidson says I need to paint from the shoulder not the fingers...